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Adjustable Harness - Thunder Zoomies

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Introducing our new Thunder Zoomies dog harness - "Icy Cool for Zoomies!" This harness is not just a practical accessory for your energetic furry friend; it's the brother to our popular "Lightning Zoomies" collection, designed to embody the thrill of zoomies, now in a cool icy blue shade. With its sleek design and versatility, this collection is perfect for dogs who love a burst of energy and can even be paired with our "Lightning Zoomies" range for an electrifying look.

Key Features:

  1. Icy Cool: Thunder Zoomies harness comes in a stunning icy blue color that exudes a sense of cool confidence, just like a frosty morning walkies. It looks fantastic on all fur types, making your pup stand out in the crowd.
  2. Perfect Pairing: Thunder Zoomies is the ideal companion to our "Lightning Zoomies" collection, allowing you to mix and match for a dynamic look that perfectly represents the electrifying energy of your dog.
  3. For Zoomie Lovers: This harness is designed for dogs who love to run and play with boundless energy. It provides both comfort and style to keep your dog feeling great during those high-speed adventures.
  4. Easy to Use: Equipped with adjustable straps and secure buckles, putting on the Thunder Zoomies harness is effortless. It ensures a snug fit for dogs of all sizes, so you're ready for action in no time.
  5. Built to Last: The Thunder Zoomies harness is built for durability, ensuring it can keep up with your dog's active lifestyle. It's designed to withstand the wear and tear of playdates and zoomie sessions.
  6. Safety First: A sturdy D-ring attachment allows for a secure leash connection, giving you peace of mind when you take your high-energy pup out and about.

Whether your dog is a zoomie enthusiast or you simply appreciate the cool, icy-blue aesthetic, our Thunder Zoomies dog harness is the perfect choice. As the brother to our "Lightning Zoomies" collection, it offers the same level of energy and excitement, making your pup look and feel fantastic during playtime. Get ready for hours of zoomies and fun, because the Thunder Zoomies harness is here to add a burst of energy to your dog's day!


 *As we aim for the best products and believe the quality of our products is great. But please remember that NO PRODUCT IS INDESTRUCTIBLE. Keep in mind that wear and tear is always a possibility. Please always check your product for wear and tear and inspect your product before using.*