About us


Here is a little bit behind the brand! Fluffing Fabulous is a small business started by me Linda and out of the love for my little dog, Lilo. Lilo came into my world 2 years ago and completely turned my world upside down. She has shown me what unconditional love is, grounded me and opened up an entire new world for me. A happier world than ever before.


She has also opened up an entire new shopping world for me! Soon I came to understand that I was absolutely obsessed with buying cute, matching fits for her. And I mean OBSESSED. I think every dog owner can relate! 👀
I could never really find the products I was looking for, I was going to every pet store, where you end up with the same boring products. Either black, blue or pink and nothing that gave me that ✨feeling✨. That same feeling that lilo gives me. 


Quickly I began to think, you know what, lets create it myself! 
I started drawing. I used to go to art school when I was younger but haven't picked up a pencil for YEARS. So soon I also found my way back to the love of drawing and creating. I was determined that this whole brand should be a creation and representation of me, And how I feel for Lilo.

Every single thing you will see is hand drawn and designed by me.
From every product, accessories, thank you cards to every single box that is delivered to your door. To me everything about fluffing fabulous feels like fun and happiness. Fluffing Fabulous is my pastel dream coming true. I hope I can transfer that exact same feeling to every single person opening a Fluffing Fabulous box.

We hope you love it just as much as we do and can't wait to see how fluffing fabulous you look!


Lilo and Linda 💕
















Guess what! Cats are joining our family of fashion! Quick release collars are coming. Due to high demand and limited stock please click the link below and E-mail "CAT COLLARS" to register your interest. If cats are not your thing share this link with another feline family friend! By registering you will get updates and be the first in the know!