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Pop Socket

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Introducing Fluffing Fabulous PopSockets!

PopSockets are the ultimate phone accessory, combining functionality with flair. These clever little discs adhere to the back of your phone, making it easier to hold, text, and snap photos (of your dog!). Plus, they’re customisable and oh-so-affordable!

  • Secure Grip: Say goodbye to phone slips and drops! PopSockets provide a comfortable grip, even on larger devices.
  • Stylish Designs: Our Queen Lilo-themed PopSockets are a must-have, bringing unique patterns add personality to your phone.
  • Affordable Gift Idea: Looking for a wallet-friendly present? PopSockets make great gifts for birthdays, holidays, or just for the big Queen Lilo fans.

At Fluffing Fabulous, we’re all about celebrating your furry friends. Check out our exclusive PopSocket collection In 4 different variations!

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Whether you’re treating yourself or surprising a dog-loving friend, Fluffing Fabulous PopSockets are the paw-sitively perfect addition to your phone! 🐾✨

*As we aim for the best products and believe the quality of our products is great. But please remember that NO PRODUCT IS INDESTRUCTIBLE. Keep in mind that wear and tear is always a possibility. Please always check your product for wear and tear and inspect your product before using.*