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Doo-Da Dirty Poo Bags

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Biodegradable poo bags in Fluffing Fabulous style!

We all know our brand ambassador Queen Lilo is known for her poo poo dance. So we figured if she’s doing a 💩 in style we should be picking up in style!

These extra strong and leak proof bags are also 100% biodegradable and compostable, made out of corn.

Meaning they not only look great but they serve a great purpose to you, your dog and to the planet as they will fully degrade into water and carbon dioxide!

Each multi pack box contains 8 roles. And has a total of 120 Doo-Daa Dirty bags. 

Plus they are lavender scented so they smelling loooovely! 

*bags will fully degrade within 180 days unders industrial compost conditions or approximately 1 year under natural conditions*