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Cat Collars - Doggosaur

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Premium Cat Collars with Custom Designs, Name Tags, and Detachable Bells (Built-In Breakaway Safety)


These cat collars should only be used on cats that are FULLY GROWN. 

1. Ensure that the collar is fitted as you see in the picture. (Above)

2. You should be able to fit 2 small fingers under the collar when the cat is wearing the collar (not to tight but not to loose so objects could get caught)

3. Regularly test the break away buckle and ensure it is clean from mud and debris at all times. 

4. Avoid elastic inserts or decorating your collar with more garments. 

*As we aim for the best products and believe the quality of our products is great. But please remember that NO PRODUCT IS INDESTRUCTIBLE. Keep in mind that wear and tear is always a possibility. Please always check your product for wear and tear and inspect your product before using.*


At Fluffing Fabulous we are now bringing cats into the family!

Make your feline friend feel like the purr-fect fashionista with our stylish and functional cat collars. Crafted with love and attention to detail, these collars are more than just accessories—they’re a blend of safety, comfort, and personality.

Key Features:

  1. Custom Designs: Our cat collars come in an array of adorable patterns and colours, there’s a design to suit every cat’s unique personality. Whether your kitty is a dapper gentleman or a sassy diva, we’ve got them covered!

  2. Name Tag Included: Never worry about lost kitties again! Each collar features a personalised name tag where you can have your cat’s name and contact details. This ensures that your fur baby finds their way home.

  3.  Bell: Cats are curious creatures, and that’s why we’ve added a gentle jingle bell to the collar. The bell is lightweight, so your cat can announce their presence around other wildlife. (think of the birds!)

  4. Built-In Breakaway Safety: Safety first! Our collars are designed with a breakaway buckle. If your adventurous kitty gets caught on a branch or fence, the buckle will release, preventing accidents. Safety doesn’t mean compromising on style!


  • Material: Durable fabric that withstands daily wear and tear.
  • Adjustable Size: Fits kittens and full-grown cats.
  • Soft and Lightweight: Your cat won’t even notice they’re wearing it!

Why Choose Our Cat Collars?

  • Fashionable: Elevate your cat’s style game with our trendy designs.
  • Practical: Keep your cat safe and identifiable.
  • Comfortable: Soft materials won’t irritate your cat’s delicate neck.
  • Easy to Use: Quick-release buckle for hassle-free wear at home if wanted.
  • Gifting: Puuuurfect gift!

Gift Your Cat the Best!

Whether you’re a cat parent or looking for a thoughtful gift for a fellow cat lover, our collars are a delightful choice. Treat your whiskered companion to a touch of elegance and functionality. After all, every cat deserves to strut their stuff in style!

🐾 Buy now and let your cat be the talk of the town!