How to clean your dog harness?

How to clean your dog harness?

Hi Fluffing Fabulous Fam!

I have been pretty lucky that my poodle thinks she is too posh for this planet, and therefor never really ends up in the water or mud. But i do know a lot of dogs do, so get this question a lot, are they easy to clean? The answer is even easier, YES! 

I know some people love to pop them in the washing machine i do reccomand to wash my hand to keep the product looking best as long as possible. I add little washing instructions in my orders but in case you binned your box to quickly here they are again including a little video so show you how easy it is.

Wash with some warm water and washing up liquid on a wet teatowel and just rub any stains off. It is that easy. The material of the harness dries really quick and easy. Just hand in the sun and it will look as good as new 💕


@fluffingfabulous Harness wash day give me that same “clean makeup brush” and fresh bedding feeling 😌 #washday #cleaningday #dogmum #dogtok ♬ XO - Basically nightcore



@fluffingfabulous How to clean your harness! Only takes a few min 🙌🏼💖 Pls avoid washing machine #fluffingfabulous #cleantok #satisfying #cleaning #dogtok #fy ♬ original sound - Fluffing Fabulous